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Hendrickson Foundation Golf Festival
August 17, 2023

The Hendrickson Foundation supports numerous disabled hockey programs and has several fundraisers throughout the year to help support the programs that they then support.  Their annual golf tournament (Hendrickson Foundation Golf Festival) is one of their largest fundraisers and was held this year on August 17th at The Legends golf course in Lakeville, MN.  


The MN Wild Deaf/HOH Hockey Association attended the golf tournament as volunteers and we were given the opportunity to share information about our program with the golfers.  We were responsible for hole #12 which was termed a “Silent Hole.” Players were NOT allowed to talk during this hole and we awarded prizes to the team that best communicated without talking.  We had 5 board members (Abi Girard, Tracy Barnhart, BJ Vriezen, Sandi Cariveau and Pete Palmisano) and 1 of our hockey players (Shawn Vriezen) there to support the hole.  We had handwritten signs that explained the details about our program and our hockey player Shawn Vriezen “Signed” the words on the cards.  We taught the golfers a few words in sign language and showed them the strobe lights that we use to stop play on the ice.  We had a tent along with several flags on display and we handed out a flyer about our program to each golfer.

Questions or problems?

For any questions, please contact Rai Fusco.

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